Tricia Brewster

Tricia's Tips and Frequently asked questions

Aftercare Tips

1. Wash your piercing twice per day with antibacterial soap and water for at least 2 weeks or until your piercing heals.

2. You may use an antiseptic spray as directed.

3. DO NOT touch your piercing unless you have properly washed your hands.

4. Watch for signs of infection: which can include swelling, redness and green discharge. Use a triple antibiotic cream if necessary as directed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get my nose pierced with a hoop? Typically we don't start with a hoop because it can cause rejection issues or keloids.

2. What is a keloid? A keloid is a build up of scar tissue due to trauma to the skin.

3. Should I turn or twist my piercing? Typically you shouldn't have to turn your piercing during the healing process. the only time you should touch it is when you are cleaning it.

4. Do you use a gun? NO! We pierce with sterilized hollow needles which causes less trauma to the body and is much less painful. Piercing guns usually  cannot be sterilized and therefore can spread disease and bacteria. 

5. What kind of jewelry do you use? MOST of our jewelry is surgical stainless steel. However we do have nylon, 14k gold, 14k white gold, titanium, platinum and sterling silver options available.

6. What type of ID do I need for getting a piercing when I'm a minor? You need to bring Mom or Dad or LEGAL guardian with proper ID and/or paperwork. You must also bring EITHER of the following items: school ID along with a birth certificate, or Skyward info, or passport, or Government issued ID or driver's license.


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